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"RussianAmerica" clients' personal information is confidential. We do our best to minimize the time needed to find a potentially successful match. In the process of registration you complete our confidential questionnaire, and describe yourself and your ideal partner. Please, read our rules before registration.

The precision of information you provide is an essential part of our match-making process. Do not choose "Doesn't matter" often. Don't forget to attach your photo. If the questionnaire does not contain a photo other users will not be able to receive your information, even if your mutual demands perfectly match. In any case you will be able to receive feedback (information about potential partners) only if you are subscribed member. See "Payment" for details.

After the questionnaire is completed it is transferred to the agency databank. If the information lacks precision, a personal advisor will contact you and ask to specify the needed points.

As a result of the in-depth research conducted by agency staff, they will be able to find the most promising relationship and ensure confidentiality of your data.

You receive feedback via e-mail when "RomanticAgency" specialists find a potential match. The number of selected matches depends on the terms and conditions of your payment plan. You get a precise selection based on the information provided. Thus incompatible matches are filtered at the earliest stage, which saves your time and ensures full confidentiality of your personal data. Under no circumstances is your personal information such as: home address or your second name disclosed to a third party. It is up to the participants to decide whether they want to disclose additional data to their new acquaintances via e-mail.